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I am an avid nature explorer, a biologist by training and a rock climber by passion, my photography is intimately connected to nature. I attempt to comprehend its essence, the essence of life and Earth, by capturing shapes, textures, patterns, and colors. My photographs can be close ups or aerial shots, often puzzling to our naked eye, yet we sense their beauty and familiarity when revealed by the camera.

For as long as I can recall, woods, fields, and mountains have been my refuge, the place I go to recenter, to find comfort in beauty. I must have been in middle school when my father gave me my first Canon camera. Yet, it’s as a PhD student that I started spending hours looking through a camera. My first published pictures were microscopic images of HIV infected cells. I developed a fascination for views that are invisible to the naked eye. The microscope coupled with a camera revealed a secret world, beautiful and utterly interesting. Outside the lab and the classrooms, I was a passionate rock climber. I loved going up to reach a place where I could look down and watch birds of prey flying below my feet, where I could feel forests were green oceans. I would bring a camera when I could to capture climbing actions and the improbable views. When the first commercial drones became available for a reasonable price, I imagined all the possibilities, the incredible views, the unique perspectives, so naturally I bought one. Each time I fly, I am mesmerized by the wonders the camera can capture. Aerial photography, like macrophotography transports me into a world with a scale of its own. A landscape from high up can become the inside of a cell, and the close-up of the leaf can be a city map. I don’t always see the final object/landscape while I take the picture, sometimes it uncovers its secret potential on my computer screen.

I live in Maryland and many of the pictures presented here are taken in DC area in the parks or woods of Montgomery County or in my own yard. The Potomac River hosts many species of birds and wildlife in general and its shores are perfect for those who want to observe nature. The subjects of the pictures displayed on this site are not captive unless stated otherwise and the pictures are taken from a respectable distance.

Locally, some of my pictures are visible at the Waverly Street Gallery in Bethesda (MD).

It is quite clear from my photographs that I tend to associate more with wildlife than with humans, there are exceptions, nonetheless. Climbing often takes me to West Virginia where I take many pictures, but also back to France where I was born and grew up. Several of my climbing pictures are published in climbing guidebooks, in France and here in the U.S.

In 2020, I had two important artistic collaborations. The first one with Julie Huang and the Falls Church Episcopal for the celebration of Palm Sunday. I provided  pictures to use as a visual support for an organ piece by Herbert Howells played by Julie Huang. ( Herbert Howells: Psalm-Prelude on Psalm 23 ). For the second collaboration, I provided pictures to the Artistic Director of the Choral Arts Society of Washington, Scott Tucker who used them to produce a video that was released for their rebranding ceremony (BEHIND THE CLOUDS by Abbie Betinis | Chamber Singers ).

photography credit: J. Wright

Technical Specifications


- Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

- Sony a9 ii 


Mavic Pro 2 (DJI).